Eliza Hutchison


July 2015,Caves Gallery

Eliza Hutchison explores the morally transient idea of sentimentality in a fluid and expansive archive of ‘pinkness’. The images are drawn from the artist’s own archive in combination with re-photographed media images of obscure as well as archetypal representations of ‘pinkness’ in mass culture. Hutchison connects themes of the body, kitsch, war, landscape and combinations there of. The work examines the physiological and psychological experience of ‘pinkness’ in all its hues, luminosity and brightness, as well as its corporal resonances and how this in turn might inform and drive the content.

In the first series of the project; Plaid, Hutchison presents a photographic installation exploring the idea of trauma in the archival image through colour and abstraction.

The artist has rephotographed the bloodied carpet and fabric from the forensic archive of the Tate house crime scene multiple times to achieve a pixellated ‘plaid’ patterning. This series traces the aesthetics of trauma along the indexical axis of photography.

Photos courtesy of by Taryn Ellis.